Ponzu with ingredients made by Sakurai

Ponzu with ingredients made by Sakurai
Thank you for picking this up. Introduction:  Kyoto cuisine restaurant Sakurai was founded in 1923. And Sakurai preserver its tradition of culinary refinement. We will continue doing what we do best in our own way.

Kyoto cuisine has a history with dashi soup. We consider the taste of it is most important as well ingredients. We shave dried bonito by ourselves, because it’ s best when it’s fresh.

This ponzu sauce contains the fresh shaved bonito, with cut kelp. And the juice of citron is grown at Mizuo northern part of Arashiyama-Saga. Squeezed by hand and blended with sophisticated soy source.


How to eat:

Take the contents from the bottle with a clean spoon.With shabushabu, beef steack, grilled chicken, boiled vegetables, grilled fish, fried gyoza, etc… After opening, store in the refrigerator, Please consume immediately after opening. 

Thank you.                             





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